Tuesday, June 24, 2014


When we talk about burning calories, we talk about all kinds of exercise and one cannot deny the fact that swimming can burn a number of calories. Don’t you know that lap swimming can burn about 400 calories in one hour? That’s for the one slice of pizza you had for snack this afternoon.

While other people love to swim wearing jewelries and all, some don’t! Just like me, if I would have to swim I make sure I keep these masonic rings out of the pool as I don’t want to lose some precious gems while burning those unwanted fats.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Improving Your Golf Game

Playing golf can be beneficial in a variety of ways. If you are having a bad day, hitting a few golf balls at the driving range can help you release stress and tension. For those in the business world, taking a client out for a round of golf can be a great way to finalize a business deal.

While golf can be a fun game to play, it can also be a frustrating game to play. When you watch the pros hit a golf ball 300 yards with ease, you think that it should be easy for you to do. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of practice and concentration to become even half as good as those you see playing on television.

However, it isn't hard to set up a practice location where you can hit golf balls whenever you want. Using golf mats, you can replicate the feel of the course each time you hit a ball. If you have a large net that you can put up on your property, you can hit balls as hard as you want without worrying that they will fly into the neighbor's yard. If you have a dog, letting the dog retrieve the balls could be a great way to get some practice in while the dog has fun as well.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My New Magic Drink

On my every basketball game i see to it that i drink protein an hour before playing. This helps me endure the physical game of the hard court. The past few weeks ago my wife introduced me to herbalife, i didn't know this will be my new magic drink. Surprisingly It helped me sustain the game! On that game, we only had six players I played the whole game without substitution!

Now i know why herbalife is trusted by professional sports enthusiast all over the globe. Why don't you try it, if you are some artistic type it might help you makes the bracelet special or your painting like a pro! Try it to know why am bragging it about. :)
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